Shared memory support (MIT-SHM) in 1.7?
Sat Jul 23 12:26:00 GMT 2011

I've read in hat cygwin supports shared memory, but: "Note: for Cygwin 1.5 only". I ask me whether the documentation refers only to older versions of cygwin or also to newer versions 1.6 and 1.7.

Who knows the answer? 

If 1.7 does not support shared memory, so I have to install legacy version 1.5 (see ), right?  I've just installed the  latest version 1.7.x , so I uninstall this version (by deleting c:\cygwin, right?) an  I install the setup-legacy.exe , right?

Why I need shared memory? - Because the extreme fast picture viewer kuickshow from KDE only works with shared memory, all picture are black. Kuckshow complains: 
      Xlib:  extension "MIT-SHM" missing on display "".
Other picture viewer are not so fast, so I urgently need kuickshow. 


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