[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xorg-server-1.10.2-2

Jon TURNEY jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk
Fri Jul 8 01:13:00 GMT 2011

The following packages have been updated in the Cygwin distribution:

*** xorg-server-1.10.2-2
*** xorg-server-dmx-1.10.2-2

These packages contain XWin and the other X.Org X11 servers.

The following cygwin-specific changes have been made since 1.10.2-1:

* Ensure the temporary file used when invoking xkbcomp is always removed
* Handle the virtual key code generated by the Fn key on IBM Lenovo laptops so
it doesn't also function as delete

536fffbf6141813f0f285db094c88493 *xorg-server-1.10.2-2.tar.bz2
b19b337d052cde107a2ec1bdd35e710e *xorg-server-dmx-1.10.2-2.tar.bz2
01c6c04d58fa005ecb5702db1c2dfe58 *xorg-server-1.10.2-2-src.tar.bz2

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