nomultiplemonitors does not work in windowed mode

Mon Jul 4 10:48:00 GMT 2011

On 01/07/2011 17:15, szalai endre wrote:
> when -multiwindow and -nomultimonitor is being used and eclipse starts up,
> it positions the welcome screen to the center of the logical display (half
> here-half there).

If that is happening, that would be a bug.  I can't reproduce that using
Eclipse 3.6.1, the splash screen is correctly positioned in the in center of a
monitor. So can you provide some more details?

Your /var/log/xwin/XWin.0.log
The version of Eclipse you are running
Details of your monitor layout (size, arrangement, which one is primary)

You might also want to have a read of and the
advice linked to from there :-)

> Why? It looks like that the actual screen is covering
> both monitors, then you simply chop off everything outside the primary
> monitor and keep the rest. What would be the point of doing so? What kind
> of use case it supposed to implement?

Your assumption about the implementation is incorrect.

You can check the size of the X screen yourself using the xrandr or xdpyinfo
commands, and, when -nomultimonitor is used, you should see that it is the
same size as the primary monitor.

Detailed and possibly accurate instructions for obtaining the source code can
be found in the Contributor's Guide at [1], so you don't need to speculate
about the implementation.


> Because as a consequence of this, you can move off completely windows from
> the primary monitor. They may be not-drawn, but still they are completely
> off.

I've already explained this once.  It's not a consequence of the size of the X

At the moment, you can move the native windows containing X windows off the
primary monitor because no special constraints are applied on their
positioning.  They can be moved anywhere other native windows can be moved.

It would be nice if somebody wrote some code to fix that, but thinking about
it, I'm not even sure how it should work.  Normally you can move windows so
all but some part of the title bar goes off the virtual desktop (so you can
still grab the window and move it back). If you applied the same constraint to
windows and their X screen, you'd still have possibility of most of the window
being off the X screen, and thus undrawn. I suppose you could constrain the
windows so they must be entirely on the X screen, but I imagine that would
feel rather inconsistent.

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