Reproducible assertion failure in XCB

Mon Jan 17 18:47:00 GMT 2011

On 14/01/2011 15:01, Daniel Colascione wrote:
> 1. Start the Z server
> 2. Start emacs -Q
> 3. M-x server-start
> 4. M-: (while t (call-process-shell-command "date" nil t))
> 5. Lean on C-g
> Eventually, Emacs will crash with
> assertion "XLIB_SEQUENCE_COMPARE(dpy->last_request_read, <=,
> dpy->request)" failed: file
> "/usr/src/ports/xorg/libX11/libX11-1.3.3-1/src/libX11-1.3.3/src/xcb_io.c",
> line 249, function: process_responses
> Fatal error (6)Aborted (core dumped)

There is a libX11_6 1.4.0-1 package in cygwinports (along with all the other
excellent work Yaakov has been doing packaging X11R7.6), it would be great if
you could test with that, as there have been several fixes in this area since

You could probably get away with just upgrading libX11_6, libX11-xcb1 and
libxcb1, rather than everything.  Although since those libraries have been
built with gcc 4.5, you might need to upgrade libgcc1, as well.

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