AW: scrolling xterm with Levovo trackpoint

Paul Maier
Mon Dec 19 19:47:00 GMT 2011

> > when I reboot my PC, scrolling an xterm with a Levovo trackpoint works (mostly) fine, very smooth
> and good speed.
> > Then I work for a while and some condition, that I couldn't find out yet, corrupts it.
> > It then doesn't scroll WHILE you hold that Trackpoint middle button down, but after you RELEASED it;
> > on release it catches up for all the scrolling that should have appeared before.
> > It's then not really scrolling but guesswork, how much of pressure might be the right, then you
> release
> > and you see where you got scrolled by that.
> >
> > Does anybody have the same experience or an idea what could be the cause of that switching from
> working to not working?
> not exactly - if it's using wheel mouse (buttons 4/5) those should be
> sent continuously.  xterm isn't necessarily going to keep up with
> a continuous stream of events, so there could be a buildup of events
> making xterm not seem to do much for a while.  I made some improvements
> to filter out duplicate window movement/resizing, but that shouldn't be
> related.

Hi Thomas!

thank you for your response.

I experience a difference between the Trackpoint and the mouse wheel:
the mouse wheel always works fine.

Even an xterm that lived for quite a while and that shows this deferred scrolling
on using the trackpoint, I can without problem scroll using the wheel or using xterm's scrollbar.

I think we agree, that the trackpoint events ARE generated (because otherwise there would not
be deferred scrolling but no scrolling).

So the question is, where these events get buffered. 
If xterm treats wheel and trackpoint the same, the trackpoint events get buffered in a component
between XWin and xterm?

In case you want me to run a beta test, also for the blind key (dead key) issue,
pls let me know.


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