scrolling xterm with Levovo trackpoint

Thomas Dickey
Fri Dec 16 09:14:00 GMT 2011

On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 01:14:34PM +0100, Paul Maier wrote:
> Hi there,
> when I reboot my PC, scrolling an xterm with a Levovo trackpoint works (mostly) fine, very smooth and good speed.
> Then I work for a while and some condition, that I couldn't find out yet, corrupts it.
> It then doesn't scroll WHILE you hold that Trackpoint middle button down, but after you RELEASED it;
> on release it catches up for all the scrolling that should have appeared before.
> It's then not really scrolling but guesswork, how much of pressure might be the right, then you release
> and you see where you got scrolled by that. 
> Does anybody have the same experience or an idea what could be the cause of that switching from working to not working?

not exactly - if it's using wheel mouse (buttons 4/5) those should be
sent continuously.  xterm isn't necessarily going to keep up with
a continuous stream of events, so there could be a buildup of events
making xterm not seem to do much for a while.  I made some improvements
to filter out duplicate window movement/resizing, but that shouldn't be

I was working on other bugs for a while, came back to the blind-keys
issue.  I think I understand it well enough to attempt a fix.  Essentially
what (I think) is the problem is that the input method which handles
compose is not attached to the scrollbar and toolbar area.  I'll see
if I can do that, to wrap up #277 changes.

Thomas E. Dickey <>
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