scrolling xterm with Levovo trackpoint

Paul Maier
Sat Dec 10 12:24:00 GMT 2011

Hi there,

when I reboot my PC, scrolling an xterm with a Levovo trackpoint works (mostly) fine, very smooth and good speed.
Then I work for a while and some condition, that I couldn't find out yet, corrupts it.
It then doesn't scroll WHILE you hold that Trackpoint middle button down, but after you RELEASED it;
on release it catches up for all the scrolling that should have appeared before.
It's then not really scrolling but guesswork, how much of pressure might be the right, then you release
and you see where you got scrolled by that. 

Does anybody have the same experience or an idea what could be the cause of that switching from working to not working?

With trackpoint I mean that red button in the middle of a Lenovo laptop.

Thanks & regards,

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