minimize redraw events after resizing/moving windows in multiwindow mode

Oliver Schmidt
Sat Aug 20 22:11:00 GMT 2011


in multiwindow mode the modal moving/resizing of windows causes a lot of 
redraw events send to the X clients after the userse releases the mouse 
button. During the moving/resizing client windows are not redrawn as 
long as the mouse button is pressed. But all redraw/resizing events are 
queued and executed step after step after moving/resizing ends.

Some clients collect and combine multiple redraw or resizing events, 
other clients (e.g. xterm) simply execute each redraw or sizing event.

The enclosed patch minimizes the events for clients to only one event 
after the user releases the mouse button to end the moving/resizing. 
This improves the user experience and reduces strange screen flickerings 
especially on slow platforms.

The enclosed patch modifies winmultiwindowwndproc.c such that the 
windows events WM_ENTERSIZEMOVE and WM_EXITSIZEMOVE are considered that 
are send from windows if the modal window resizing/moving begins or 
ends. Only after WM_EXITSIZEMOVE the redraw/resizing is executed. The 
patch is against the sources of xserver-cygwin version 1.10.3-1.

Best regards,
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