(X)Emacs Window Manager commands

Oliver Schmidt oschmidt-mailinglists@gmx.de
Wed Aug 17 14:46:00 GMT 2011

On 8/17/2011 3:07 PM, Gulliver.M.Smith wrote:
> In emacs, you can use the file menu to create a new frame (window).
> (raise-frame f)
> (iconify-frame f)
> (decionify-frame f)
> (make-frame-visible f)

at least "raise-frame" works with my simple patch for raising top level 
windows, see

 >> EWMH and ICCCM standards

Of course it would be nicer to have the window manager standards to be 
fulfilled by the cygwin multiwindow mode, which would be reacting on 
client messages with atom "_NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW" for raising windows.

By the way: Unfortunately the xemaces from current cygwin distribution 
(21.4.22-1) seems broken and is not able to create other windows (e.g. 
when using the menu entry File/Open In New Frame. (This has nothing to 
do with the cygwin xserver, the cygwin xemacs does also not work with 
other xservers). However I was able to reproduce your steps using a 
linux xemacs with the cygwin xserver

Best regards,

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