AW: AltGr key mostly fires an additional CONTROL key

Paul Maier
Mon Aug 15 17:14:00 GMT 2011

> Hi,
> I also had problems with the AltGr key. These could reliably
> be reproduced by holding the AltGr for some seconds (causing
> Windows generating auto repeat events).
> Unfortunately the test version at
> doesn't fix this problem for me.
> I discovered that the mechanism in winkeybd.c function
> winIsFakeCtrl_L had a problem if PeekMessage cannot obtain
> the next Alt_R message because it is not there.
> I prepared a patch that remembers the last Ctrl_L event and
> reacts on a later following Alt_R. It was also necessary to
> alter the order in winWindowProc in winwndproc.c: the invocation
> of winIsFakeCtrl_L had to be done before discarding auto-repeated
> key presses.
> The attached patch is against the sources of xserver-cygwin-1.10.3-1.
> Best regards,
> Oliver

Hi Oliver,

the ftp://.....exe.bz2 that you mention wasn't intended to contain any fix;
it only produces additional debug statements.

This is the one, that contains Jon's fix (works fine for me):


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