Computer upgrade breaks CYGWIN X

Larry Hall (Cygwin-X)
Fri Aug 12 18:11:00 GMT 2011

On 8/12/2011 9:44 AM, McBroom, Robert C wrote:


> rm3@mcbroomrc2 ~
> $       1 [main] emacs-X11 5540 C:\cygwin\bin\emacs-X11.exe: *** fatal error - unable to remap \\?\C:\cygwin\lib\gtk-2.0\2.10.0\loaders\cygpixbufloader-xpm.dll to same address as parent: 0x370000 != 0x3F0000
> Stack trace:

You might try rebaseall for this.  Read the readme first though so you
know how to run it.



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