segfault Xserver...current version (1.8)

Linda Walsh
Mon Aug 8 06:37:00 GMT 2011

Csaba Raduly wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 8:01 PM, Linda Walsh  wrote:
>> Jon TURNEY wrote:
> (snip)
>>> Next time, please *attach* the *full* XWin.0.log
>> ---
>>        That was the full had been truncated -- perhaps by the
>> failing
>> processes...A full log from a "non-crashed version" (i.e. I haven't run
>> yast2), is here:
> To attach is to use "File->Attach->File..." or click the paperclip
> icon, as opposed to pasting the log into the body of the message.
	Ah...I focused on the 'full' part, not the attached part.

	It's just damn confusing.

	One list, filters attachments, another, they expect it...

> Also, please set Thunderbird to attach files correctly:
	Don't worry, Have done so in the past, forgot that this list
*wants* them as attachments (vs. some others lists where such will be
automatically stripped)...

>>        Yeah -- that's why I don't like to include cygcheck.out's
>> They give out lots of info that isn't _entirely_ relevant.  It's not even an
>> accurate package listing if one has installed packages w/tar by hand.
> What you deem relevant may not match what others on this list deem
> relevant. You might omit information that would have helped diagnosing
> your problem.
> There's a reason for what's written in
> Problem reports:
	There are reasons for everything we come up with.
That doesn't mean they are _always_ good reasons.

Note I did try to underline the word "entirely", AND, I did include
it, "whatever my reservations".  I was merely commenting on how, in some
cases it provides 'random goose chase' information.  More often than
not, I've seen it used to blow off user bug reports because some i isn't
dotted, or t, crossed.  Whatever, I understand, which isn't to say I
always necessarily enjoy it -- but in this circumstance, considering
the abstractions and mixtures of SW, I thought such a report more than
reasonable to provide.

I'm just wondering if there's a way to turn on coredumps and give stack
traces of the X I'm running vs. downloading some 'extra special' version.
I get coredumps on linux and windows, and am able to generate backtrace info
on both for many situations (more on linux than windows), sometimes it 
leads me
to investigate things more on my own and even find workaround or fixes,
but the X server hasn't crashed on me since the last report, (but I am 
away from running yast2 for the time being!)....

C'est la vie & Cheers!

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