Latest Cygwin X hangs when mouse is used to highlight text

Jesse Bugden
Thu Apr 21 07:20:00 GMT 2011


I am not a cygwin user. I am troubleshooting an issue with an old
version of Adobe Framemaker (7.0) and I came across your thread in my
googling. I wonder if it has some similarities. Our problem is that
highlighting text causes the program to become non-responsive. I have
found that our problem appears to be related to dwm.exe (to do with
Aero). I would be interested to see if you can replicate the problem and
'remedy' it by going into the task manager and killing the dwm.exe
process (it should restart itself automatically). You might find that
disabling aero fixes your problem.

For interest's sake I should mention (although we are still in the early
stages of dealing with the problem) that we have been able to reproduce
the problem on two of our intel h55 chipset boards with core i5
graphics. The other test machine with nVidia graphics did not have the

Hope this helps.

Jesse Bugden

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