Initial XWin desktop placement
Wed Apr 13 14:49:00 GMT 2011


I feel like this question was answered on the list previously but could
not find it. I run XWin with two screens on multiple monitors (i.e.,
"XWin :4 -nodecoration -multiplemonitors -screen 0 1600 1200 -screen 1
1600 1200") and at one point got it to remember to place both screens on
my secondary monitor. After switching my monitor setup recently, it now
always pops up the screens on my primary monitor. I've searched my
registry (for cygwin and xwin) but could not find where it was storing
the initial locations. After moving the screens to where I want them,
I've tried various means of shutting down XWin.exe but it does not
remember the locations. This is a Windows XP machine, if that matters.
Any help would be appreciated,


-joel moots

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