mintty problem with "tail -f" on Windows XP with virtual desktops

Andy Koppe
Fri Apr 1 06:02:00 GMT 2011

On 31 March 2011 19:45, Larry Breyer wrote:
> I am really glad I switched from rxvt to mintty as it works great with or without X11.
> I am seeing one problem, though, where I wonder if there is a fix.

Mintty isn't actually an X11 program, so cygwin-xfree is the wrong
list for this. Please send followups to the cygwin mailing list or the
mintty discussion group.

> I have observed the problem when switching between virtual desktops for both Windows
> Desktop Manager and Dexpot Desktop Manager.

By "Windows Desktop Manager" do you mean the "Virtual Desktop Manager"
powertoy? Which Windows version are we talking about?

> I frequently remote into servers and run "tail -f" to monitor various log files.
> I have noticed when I switched to another virtual desktop, the mintty sessions
> in the hidden virtual desktops do not get updated.  When I switch back to the
> desktop and hit the enter key within the mintty window it seems to catch up.
> But, for some reason, the windows display gets jumbled.

What exactly is getting jumbled and how?

> Is there a way to refresh the window such that it looks normal without disturbing
> the running process (tail)?

There are several ways you could force a refresh of mintty's display:

- minimize and restore
- scroll up and down
- flip screen and back (i.e. press Alt+F12 twice)

However, none of that should be necessary, i.e. it sounds like there's
a bug there somewhere. Do you have transparency enabled in mintty?
Does disabling or enabling it make a difference?


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