[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xorg-server-1.9.0-1 (TEST)

michel hummel hummel.michel@gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 19:03:00 GMT 2010

Hi jon,
I was surprised to see in the Changelog of this test release :
"* fix a clipboard-related crash which could occur during XDMCP session 
startup (thanks to Michel Hummel for the patch) "

It would be very cool if this version included my patch about xdmcp and 
clipboard auto-restart but I don't think so, isn't it ?
I think this version only includes the patch about : clipboard crash on 
server reset isn't it ?

Thanks for your work,
Michel Hummel

Le 30/09/2010 17:26, Jon TURNEY a écrit :
> The following packages have been updated in the Cygwin distribution:
> *** xorg-server-1.9.0-1
> *** xorg-server-dmx-1.9.0-1
> This package contains XWin and the other X.Org X11 servers.
> This is the first official release of the xserver 1.9 series.  It is 
> currently available as a test release, and will be made stable in 
> approximately one week if no major regressions are reported.
> In addition to the usual upstream fixes and improvements, this 
> contains the following cygwin-specific changes:
> * fix a drawing crash, which could occur after moving a window in 
> multiwindow mode, caused by incorrect initialization of composite 
> position data
> * fix a clipboard-related crash which could occur during XDMCP session 
> startup (thanks to Michel Hummel for the patch)
> * added Turkish keyboard layout detection
> * add -displayfd option (experimental), which may be useful in 
> Terminal Server environments, see [1] for a discussion of how and why 
> you might want to use this
> * various crash fixes for -resize.  Also fix -resize from turning 
> itself on in multiwindow mode even when not asked for.  -resize will 
> be enabled by default in multiwindow mode after more testing.
> * enable WGL AIGLX code and -wgl option which has been merged 
> upstream, and various GLX fixes
> Server-side Hardware Accelerated OpenGL (AIGLX)
> ===============================================
> This release adds experimental support for hardware accelerated OpenGL 
> rendering in the X server using the native WGL interface.
> * You need to provide the command line option '-wgl' to the X server 
> to turn on the use of native Windows OpenGL to implement GLX. If you 
> don't use this option, the server will carry on using software rendering.
> * The currently shipped cygwin mesa libGL is built in such a way that 
> it does not support indirect rendering (rendering takes place on the 
> server), only client-side rendering.  ONLY REMOTE CLIENTS FROM UNIX 
> SYSTEMS WILL WORK CURRENTLY.  An updated libGL will be made available 
> at some point in the future.
> * mesa's libGL prefers to use client-side rendering and transfer the 
> image to the server using xlib. To force the use of GLX, so rendering 
> is indirect (takes place on the server), and thus can be accelerated, 
> you must export the environment variable LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT with a 
> non-zero value before starting the client application.
> * If you have set things up successfully, 'glxinfo | grep OpenGL' 
> should return something mentioning your graphics card vendor.  If it 
> mentions Mesa, you still have software rendering
> * As before, only multiwindow/mwextwm modes are supported. Software 
> rendering is always used on screens which do not have 1 native window 
> per X window. Removing this restriction requires a way to tell the 
> native OpenGL to transform/clip to the portion of the native window 
> occupied by the X window in the single native window modes.
> [1] http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-xfree/2010-09/msg00040.html

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