Git version, XWin dies in cygwin but not in Windows

Michel Hummel
Mon Sep 27 15:43:00 GMT 2010

I am testing the git version of the XWin server (I don't know if it is
the good place to talk about this version) and I am experiencing a
problem (May be it is also a problem on the official Xwin).
Sometime ( I can not make a reproducible test case) when the server
stops, the Xwin process disappears from Cygwin (as expected) but the
Windows process XWin.exe still be alive.

After some investigations (I'm not a good Windows hacker) it seems
that the process hangs  on the call to PostQuitMessage (0); of the
function ddxGiveUp of the file InitOutput.c

I can't tell why (Like I said, I'm not a good Windows hacker) but my
tests seems to show that delete this call  fixes the bug (may be there
is no link ).

Is it possible that this problem lies to the fact that the main window
is destroyed before the call to PostQuitMessage  (So the WM_QUIT
message can't be treated isn't it ?)

Well It's a question more than a notice.

Michel Hummel

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