XWin crash after the launch of startkde on a remote Red Hat 5 machine

Michel Hummel hummel.michel@gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 08:15:00 GMT 2010

Hi Jon,
You will find attached to this Email a patch (for the git version)
which implements for the clipboard thread :
 - Auto cleanup function
 - Auto restart function for unexpected exit of the clipboard or
Xerror detection
 - Deletion of XQuery wrapper  (not needed anymore)
 - Deletion of all the xdmcp related tricks  (not needed anymore)

One thing, this patch deletes the call to EmptyClipboard () in the
winProcSetSelectionOwner function of the winclipboardwrappers.c file
when an "owned to not owned transition" has been detected. I don't
know why but it was freezing the server for 1 or 2 seconds during
clipboard's restart in xdmcp connection.

It would be fine if you could tell me, when you think this patch and
the previous one ( which makes the reset of the server working
correctly with clipboard) will be included to the official X server?

Michel Hummel

2010/9/22 Jon TURNEY <jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk>
> On 22/09/2010 10:03, Michel Hummel wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've modified my patch, to change the restart process.
>> It does not use anymore the winProcEstablishConnection wrapper to
>> restart the clipboard but directly the winInitClipboard function.
>> This allows to restart the clipboard more quickly and if the clipboard
>> thread cannot connects to the server (there is a loop on connection
>> with a delai between retries), it will die.
>> One question :
>> I have written my patch for the git version of the X server and the
>> patch is not working as it on the 1.8.0-1 version.
>> Which version would you like,  perhaps the two ?
> A patch against current git master is fine, although I don't think there have been significant changes in this area recently, so why it doesn't work for 1.8.0-1 as well is mysterious.
> --
> Volunteer Cygwin/X X Server maintainer
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