Cygwin/X bug? suspend-resume issues

Thu Sep 23 13:29:00 GMT 2010

On 22/09/2010 02:27, Henry Tung wrote:
> I've encountered an unusual behavior of Cygwin/X on suspend/resume of Windows.
>   The server is working fine before suspend, but after the first
> suspend-resume cycle, the characters become single pixels. I have screenshots
> depicting the effects on an rxvt-unicode window, and an fwbuilder window
> forwarded over ssh from an Ubuntu VM (though it seems the mailing list
> rejected the attachments, so please let me know if there's a way I can send
> them). Windows in existence before the first suspend remain fine after resume,
> but only as long as they are open; closing and reopening them produces the
> broken state. The attached XWin.0.log is after two suspend/resume cycles; the
> two line blocks from each resume seem anomalous (bpp: 0? width: 0? height: 0?).

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Would you mind trying the test snapshot [1] to see if this improves matters?

You'll need to add the '-resize' option to the X server to reproduce your 
current behaviour (it is erroneously on all the time in multiwindow mode with 

If that doesn't help, would you mind uploading a screenshot to your favourite 
image hosting service?

> I saw the stuff about the SIGSEGV, that's quite interesting.  My X server
> hasn't segfaulted yet, but considering the usability, it might as well
> have.

Since this seems to be related to the resize support added in 1.8.2-1, using 
setup.exe to revert to 1.8.0-1 should avoid these problems for the moment.


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