Cygwin/X bug? suspend-resume issues

Henry Tung
Wed Sep 22 01:28:00 GMT 2010

I've encountered an unusual behavior of Cygwin/X on suspend/resume of 
Windows.  The server is working fine before suspend, but after the first 
suspend-resume cycle, the characters become single pixels.  I have 
screenshots depicting the effects on an rxvt-unicode window, and an 
fwbuilder window forwarded over ssh from an Ubuntu VM (though it seems 
the mailing list rejected the attachments, so please let me know if 
there's a way I can send them).  Windows in existence before the first 
suspend remain fine after resume, but only as long as they are open; 
closing and reopening them produces the broken state.  The attached 
XWin.0.log is after two suspend/resume cycles; the two line blocks from 
each resume seem anomalous (bpp: 0? width: 0? height: 0?).

If it helps any, I'm using Win7 x64, updated cygwin rebaseall'd (to deal 
with STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION errors from urxvt before).  The X server is 
being started from the provided start menu link "XWin Server".  xterm 
windows seem to be unaffected by the bug, as are urxvt windows using 
unaliased fonts (though the log lines still show up even without any 
windows open).  For some reason, this issue doesn't seem to affect my 
desktop, which should have largely the same setup.  If there's any more 
information I should provide, please let me know, and thanks for 
reading!  Really hope I can get this issue fixed and get Cygwin in 
working order on my laptop...

Also, if this issue has already been reported/fixed, feel free to ignore 


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