Cygwin X causes system pauses

Jim Reisert AD1C
Fri Sep 17 22:05:00 GMT 2010

I have a recurring problem with Cygwin-X.

First off,  I'm my work laptop is running Win XP SP3.  In general, the
applications I have open are MS Outlook 2007, RealVNC, and of course
xterm/xemacs.  X1 (email indexing) runs in the background).  I'm
running some sort of Norton Enterprise Anti-virus (I can't find the
icon for it).

After some period of time, if I try to type something into an Outlook
E-mail message, the text pauses (no echo), then after several/many
seconds, it will appear (usually with the typos I didn't see).  If I
kill XWin.exe, then normal performance is restored.  This problem is
exacerbated (or happens sooner) if I'm doing a lot of cut/copy/paste
in Emacs.

A second problem is sometimes I copy text from a Windows app. then try
to paste it into Emacs.  Instead of the text showing up, I get an XWin
hourglass and I'm pretty much hosed at this point (only the X system
is hung, the rest of the PC is fine).  Killing XWin.exe and restarting
fixes this problem.

I thought I had added the extra debug to my XWin log, but now I'm not
so sure. The Outlook problem just happened a few mins ago, and here is
the tail end of the XWin log file (repeated about 25 times):

    [1317564.000] winClipboardWindowProc - timed out waiting for

This has been an ongoing problem for months, it's not something that
just started happening.

Any idea how to debug this further?

Jim Reisert AD1C, <>,

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