SIGSEGV in xorg- during -resize operation

Ryan Johnson
Mon Sep 6 21:38:00 GMT 2010

  On 9/6/2010 11:01 PM, Ryan Johnson wrote:
>  On 8/31/2010 7:00 PM, Jon TURNEY wrote:
>> Okay, I think I have worked out the correct thing to do do to handle 
>> bpp changes in the RANDR code, and I've uploaded a test build at 
>> [1].  Perhaps you could try it and see if it works for you?
>> Note that you will need to use -resize with this build to turn on 
>> RANDR in any mode.
>> If you can make this crash, with or without -resize, a backtrace 
>> would be very helpful.
>> [1] 
> Hmm.. I don't get seg faults while resizing, but every once in a while 
> I'll alt-tab to an xterm and start typing, only to have the xterm 
> evaporate. Once it also happened to emacs, which left both emacs and 
> the terminal pretty well unusable. Unfortunately, I don't get a stack 
> trace or any messages in /var/log/XWin.*.log. It just goes away.
> I'd never seen this behavior with 1.8.2-0 (or earlier), so I'm rolling 
> back to it. I'll holler if the problem continues.
Oops. It just happened for 1.8.2-0 and for diff.exe. I've posted the 
issue to the cygwin mailing list because it doesn't seem x-related if 
diff.exe dies...


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