Failed to create /tmp/.X0.lock file?

Thu Oct 28 17:35:00 GMT 2010

On 28/10/2010 14:09, Chris Fouts wrote:
> After power up, I log in on a Vista 32 machine on a non-admin account,
> and start XWin server via power shell by calling the startxwin.exe
> executable. Sometimes XWin fails to start and I get a pop up that says
> (paraphrase) "Failed to create /tmp/.X0.lock file" I tried using the
> -nolock option to no avail. How can I alleviate this? Thanks!

Unfortunately, we have some bugs which prevent the X server from shutting down 
cleaning and removing it's lock file under some circumstances.  But that 
should only causing problems if you are non-admin and the previous run was 
under a different account, which doesn't seem to be what you are saying here?

Are you sure you are supplying the -nolock option correctly? The syntax for 
adding it to the startmenu shortcut is unfortunately rather obscure, but [1] 
should explain it.

Are you sure you get the same error message with -nolock?

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