Windows 7 Aero mode issue again

Thu Oct 28 17:25:00 GMT 2010

On 26/10/2010 23:58, Eliot Moss wrote:
> Ok, here's a first email about *some* symptoms ...
> If I run the latest installed XWin, or this one:
> without -resize and then "sleep" and unsleep the
> laptop, X does not paint anything but the cursor
> and keyboard events do not seem to go to the
> (invisible) windows. I have to kill the server
> and all the X jobs. I will now proceed to the
> other tests you suggested ...

Hmmm... I don't think you've mentioned this before.

I assume this is a regression from 1.8.0 (before -resize was added), as we 
used to survive a hibernate cycle?

> You're probably right about earlier version being
> sensitive to whether -resize was given. I had
> forgotten about that dependency of behavior.

On 27/10/2010 00:15, Eliot Moss wrote:
 > Ok ... the 20101026 snapshot works properly with -resize and
 > -engine 1 set: DWM does not go away or get complained about
 > if I sleep then unsleep. Yay!


Just to point out this isn't specific to the snapshot, though, -engine 1 
should workaround the problem in all cases.

I guess this confirms that it is a problem with our use of directdraw and a 
hibernate cycle. (as the workaround forces XWin to use the shadow GDI drawing 
engine rather than the shadow directdraw drawing engine)

However, I can't see what is wrong with XWin's use of ddraw.  We never try to 
draw directly to the primary surface (which is what causes DWM to be shut 
down), so why it thinks we are during a hibernate or resume is obscure.

It would probably be a good idea to test with some other ddraw application 
over a hibernate, to confirm this is a problem with XWin and not with the 
intel video drivers, but I'm not sure what other ddraw application is similar 
enough to make this a valid test (The simple tests in dxdiag probably wouldn't 
prove anything)

 > I did notice one little thing: its log file seems to go to
 > /var/log/XWin.0.log rather than /var/log/xwin/XWin.0.log.

I hadn't updated the script I use to build snapshots.  Thanks for pointing 
this out, I've now corrected that.

 > I include the -logverbose 3 output for you, and the stderr.

Sorry, I was a little unclear.  If you are still interested in pursing this, a 
log without -engine 1 and with -logverbose 3 would be most helpful.  If you 
could annotate it to show at approximately what timestamp the suspend and 
resume occurred, that would be even better.

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