OpenGL and cygwin

André Bleau
Tue Oct 12 18:44:00 GMT 2010

Dear Jurg,
From that description:
> we are using cygwin on windows 7 on a DELL M4500 to remotely connect HP Z800 linux-pc via
> network. So on the linux-pc we use CAE applications with graphics over network. What can I do to > improve the graphics performance via network?
I understand that your graphics are displayed via Cygwin's X-server. If they use OpenGL, you should
use the very latest version of that server, which just received hardware acceleration for OpenGL 
graphics. You can read about it at:
Please note that I do not maintain any package relating to OpenGL on the X-server, so if you have 
any question, you should direct it to the list (cygwin-xfree at

- André 		 	   		  

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