AW: Xwin SIGSEGV when font server should be queried

Wed Nov 10 16:12:00 GMT 2010

On 08/11/2010 14:11, Weeber, Burkhard wrote:
> I did a bit of further reseach.
> It looks like it does not have anything to do with the way the font server is queried, 
> but rather the way the startup is done.
> When I have the font server added during the XWin startup - either in the startxwin.bat, or a bash-script I call from there, the XWin SIGSEGVs.
> When I let the XWin come up with a few of my fav screens, and I then add the font server either from a cygwin shell or from a client shell the font server is subsequently queried correctly and the SIGSEGV does not appear.
> Strange.
> Anyway.
> Thanks for the exe to create a full stack trace.
> Here it is:
> (gdb) bt full
> #0  0x005b56a2 in doListFontsWithInfo (client=0x10981dc8, c=0x108693f0)

Thanks for obtaining this backtrace.

With this and the startup script you posted, I have managed to reproduce the

It looks like this has been caused by the changes in Xserver 1.9 to fix a
different bug with xfs [1].  The problem is a use-after-free, so that probably
explains why it sometimes works if you do things in a different order.

I noticed that setup is only offering a choice of 1.9.0-2 or 1.9.2-1, which
isn't a very smart thing to do, so I've rearranged things so now 1.8.2-1
should be offered as the previous version.


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