X server does not start from bash nor start menu

ed ezedtheamerican@gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 09:20:00 GMT 2010

    I have a newly installed windows XP pro virtual machine that I was
using to test out x/cygwin with empathy and kdenlive, but unfortunatly
I have run into a problem.
    The X server will not start. I have tried to startxwin.exe from
the bash shell and I get the following error :
    giving up.
    startxwin: No such file or directory (errno 2): unable to connect
to X server.
    startxwin: No such Process (errno 3):  Server error.
    I have looked for an error log in /var/log, but there is nothing
to view only a sub-directory named xwin with a zero byte file named
    Also, I have changed the PATH environment variable in Windows to
include C:\cygwin\bin and this also has no affect on the ability to
start the X server.
    When I choose to use the start menu entry "XWin Server" I get a
couple of processes named bash.exe and startxwin.exe, but then they
disappear after a few seconds.
    I have also added a CYGWIN variable to the environment variables
in the advanced tab of "my computer" properties, but giving the value
of "tty notitle noglob" doesn't resolve the issue either.

    Now I am back with a fresh install of windows XP and a minimal
install of cygwin that includes the cygwin default packages and three
additional packages ( xinit, xorg-server, and X-start-menu-icons),
which should give me a minimal install of an X server with the ability
to run at least xterm.
    I am Administrator on the Windows machine, and the bash shell
works fine ( I installed midnight commander and nano ),

    Any help appreciated.

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