startxwin/XWin won't start properly

Bradley, Mike
Wed Jun 30 14:36:00 GMT 2010

> So, after being told that Cygwin remembers your previous installation
> and to just run setup.exe, you removed your previous installation and
> are surprised that Cygwin doesn't remember it.

What I did was re-run setup.exe.  XWin would still not startup.  Then I
Deleted the cygwin install (except for the package directory).
Did not recall/remember/read the package directory, it did a default

The good news is XWin works now.  The bad news is I must
remember/find/set the
Various packages I need in addition to the default.

I'm confused as to why the notion of setup.exe to leave a
bread-crumb-trail of
what was installed for-the-purpose-of driving a subsequent installation
is such 
a controversial issue....

> Here's some more advice for you to misunderstand/ignore:  Don't do

Uh, I think we have a simple misunderstanding...

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