startxwin/XWin won't start properly

Bradley, Mike
Wed Jun 30 14:12:00 GMT 2010

> It would be great to be able to have a file I can email them saying "Use this, it'll load everything you need.".  And of 
> course have a copy for myself for when I get a new machine, or the OS has to be reloaded, or I have cygwin problems 
> Such a thing would be great for anyone who wants to test the bleeding edge.  If they knew rolling back was simple they'd be > encouraged to be daring.

Absolutely!  And I suspect a relatively easy modification/addition for setup.exe.  It already has the concept of what's loaded, it's just a matter of storing this off into a single file that is read on subsequent runs of setup.exe.  
Then when the new install is complete the file is written to.  

In practice setup.exe would ask if you want to use the default configuration file, or load a separate one.  The default
Would always be written to.  After install the user would then copy and store the default configuration file as a separate one for subsequent use.


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