startxwin/XWin won't start properly

Christopher Faylor
Wed Jun 30 14:10:00 GMT 2010

On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 11:07:44PM -0600, Bradley, Mike wrote:
>> In the past I have not found a good way to "remember" which packages where
>> installed (e.g. non-default packages).  Is there a file/way to run setup.exe
>> so that a specified set of packages are installed?
>OK, I removed my old cygwin installation (the directory which contains
>/usr, /bin/, etc.), and re-installed a new version.  I kept the
>"cygwin_package" directory, but setup.exe did not remember my previous
>installation.  In the past I have had to install cygwin on multiple
>machines, and it would be nice to learn a way to have a file which
>describes the packages I want to install, rather than having to recall
>them all.

So, after being told that Cygwin remembers your previous installation
and to just run setup.exe, you removed your previous installation and
are surprised that Cygwin doesn't remember it.

Here's some more advice for you to misunderstand/ignore:  Don't do that.


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