xterm gvim Windows 7 STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION

Michael Parkinson mparks1@comcast.net
Fri Jun 18 19:36:00 GMT 2010

The same kind of problem was reported earlier by Yuval Emek on May 3, 2010.

I am having a number of STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION issues, although most of 
them are intermittent, which makes me think it is some kind of timing 
problem.  I am running Cygwin 1.75 under Windows 7 Pro.  I changed the 
ownership of the cygwin directory and its subdirectories except for 
$HOME to be Administators.  I disabled the User Account Control so that 
there would not be dropped prompts for Administrative privileges.  $HOME 
and its subdirectories are owned by me as the Windows login user.

There are a number of scripts in my own sbin directory which spawn an X 
Windows with a command to be executed,  usually a vim invocation; e.g., 
"xterm -e vim $@" (opens up vim for editing whatever files I specify in 
a new window).  Under Windows XP, this never caused any problems.  Under 
Windows 7, it often but not always gives the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION 
error.  When running vim in the newly spawned X window, I frequently use 
a command like "%!fmt" in order to format the file for easier reading.  
When running vim in the spawned X window, this command often gives a 
gvim.exe.stackdump with the same STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION, but I 
discovered by accident that if I use "xterm -e vim-nox $@" instead of 
"xterm -e vim $@", I do not get the gvim stackdumps when using fmt.

There is a related issue.  If I start a new X window using the shortcut 
in the Start Menu, it will occasionally fail to start.  But if I hit the 
same shortcut a second time, it usually does open a new window.  This is 
why I think there is some kind of time-out problem while it is waiting 
for a response from the X server.  This will happen whether or not there 
are any
other X windows open.

Is there is a way to adjust the amount of time a request for a new X 
window will wait?

At this point, these problems are more of a nuisance than something 
fatal, but I would love to get the Cygwin X window system to be more 
reliable under Windows 7.

Any comments on what might help the situation will be welcome.


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