Mouse offset when using java swing based gui applications

Mon Jul 19 15:51:00 GMT 2010

On 15/07/2010 15:38, Richard Evans wrote:
> There's a bug reported against Java relating to this, with some more
> details.  It claims to be fixed, but it still occurs.  There's a small
> test case in the bug report.  It makes many Java UI applications
> unusable with Cygwin/X.

Thanks very much for the link.  That bug report and related ones makes 
interesting reading: I can see now that Swing/AWT problems are probably behind 
a few problem reports of this kind we've had.

I tried out the test case in that particular bug, and it does seem to be fixed 
in the JRE is claims to be fixed in.  But looking at the horror-show that is [1], I can believe there are other problems, and the behaviour will 
be different with different JRE versions.

There's certainly scope for adding fixes/workarounds to the multiwindow mode 
internal window manager so that AWT does the correct thing, but I guess what I 
need to progress this is a test case I can easily run, and 'java -version' for 
the platform the test case should be run on


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