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Olwe Melwasul
Fri Jul 16 21:40:00 GMT 2010

On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 4:19 PM, Christopher Faylor
<> wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 03:03:07PM -0500, Olwe Melwasul wrote:
>>If you people simply want to flame me, fine. But everything I said is true:
> 1) No one flamed you.  Flaming is what you are doing now.

The flaming started when I had complaints and they were blown off and
or criticized.
> 2) You are not a customer.  You have no rights to anything here.  The
> flow of obligation does not go from us to you.  We are doing you a favor
> by providing you with software and answering your questions.  If you
> don't want to use the software or don't like the answers you're getting
> then it will not affect us in the slightest if you stop.

Again, Microsoft's whole point.
> 3) The point of this project is to provide a UNIX/Linux environment
> primarily for people who know UNIX/Linux.  The documentation on our
> web site presupposes that.  If you don't like man pages then you have
> found the wrong project.

I'm a very typical user coming from the Linux side who will be
introducing GNU/Linux to the non-GNU/Linux crowd. I can't believe this
isn't typical.
> 4) Cygwin is not a movement.  It is just a collection of programs which
> a number of people have made available for free.  Then those people and
> others have volunteered their time to create documentation and answer
> questions.  You're welcome.
> 5) When you say that it took "three days to do ...X" you want us to
> conclude that it was hard to find X.  An alternate conclusion is that
> you aren't very adept at finding things.  I mention this because it may
> not be clear to you that some of your indignant remarks are working
> against you.
> 6) This is an open source project which accepts contributions.  So, if
> you truly want to do more than try to convince us that you like to rant
> then provide us with concrete suggestions, ideally in the form of actual
> changes to the documentation which you so decry.  If you can't be
> bothered to provide concrete suggestions and insist on making personal
> observations, vague complaints, and pseudo-philosophical pronouncements
> then we will all happily conclude that you are YA internet loon who can
> be safely ignored.

I'd say offer tutorials and guides that include "known issues". This
is very common in other OS projects. Do some hand-holding on-line.
Don't patronize people. And no, man pages are not suited for newbies
as guides or tutorials. They're for pros who know what they're doing.
> If you want to do the latter then use the cygwin-talk mailing list as
> you'll be off-topic here.  If you want to provide concrete suggestions
> for improvement then go ahead.  We'll be happy (seriously) to see them.
> cgf

Yeah, well, any normal person would have given up on this long ago,
not put up with any patronizing, and most certainly not put up with
being massively flamed. So no, I'm not normal. Good bye cygwin!

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