Resizing problem

Olwe Melwasul
Fri Jul 16 20:03:00 GMT 2010

If you people simply want to flame me, fine. But everything I said is true:

a) I had problems that no true Windows newbie could have solved from
reading any amount of your "documentation".

b) this or that man page is NOT documentation. (Man pages will
eventually be outlawed under the Geneva Convention as a form of

c) after not finding answers, I spent three days searching for this
and that clue, scavenger-hunt-style...

d) ... where I encountered many of Jon T's answers, and, yes, they
were all quite brusque and patronizing -- which put me off wanting to
get on your mailing list.

e) ...where I got some good help from a nice young man, but then
patronized by a not-so-nice person who blew off all my legitimate
complains and problems to patronize me -- as he has done many others.

f) Microsoft's main dig against "open source" software still has a
ring of truth to it, i.e.,  whenever you leave the customer-provider
business relationship (where there's money on the table and even
laws), you very well might encounter this sort of attitude and
behavior. That being, of course, providers who don't care about
customers, or don't even see end-users as customers, but as hoards of
pests sucking up their valuable time with frivolous questions.

So if cygwin is on the front lines of trying to win Windows users over
to GNU/Linux, then we have a problem. I, for one, would expect cygwin
to be inundated with clueless newbies who are

a) not very computer saavy (e.g. what newbie would have done a rebase all?)
b) nervous and in a hurry about deviating so far from Big Redmond
Brother, i.e., not good with "challenging" documentation, likely to do
stupid things.
c) needing lots of hand-holding and not much scolding.

I could go on (and on and on), but I hope you got my drift.

Grand Marais, MN

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