Resizing problem

Ken Brown
Thu Jul 15 18:12:00 GMT 2010

On 7/15/2010 1:02 PM, Olwe Melwasul wrote:
> [...]
> Actually, I don't need the startx version, I could very well use the
> startxwin multi-windows version IF I could get Emacs in shell mode to
> do cygwin bash. Starting the X server and then Emacs multi-windows
> style gets a shell mode that apparently doesn't see cygwin. I'm
> guessing it's using the DOS command.

I can't comment on the first part of your post, but I'm Cygwin's emacs 
maintainer and can try to help you get emacs running.  If you want to 
run emacs under X, install the emacs-X11 package and then type 'emacs&' 
in an xterm window.  If something doesn't work the way you expect, 
please give a precise recipe for reproducing the problem.  I don't know 
what you mean by "a shell mode that apparently doesn't see cygwin".


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