Resizing problem

Olwe Melwasul
Thu Jul 15 17:02:00 GMT 2010

I installed cygwin/xcygwin 1.7.5 with KDE. I tried clicking on XWin
Server from the Start menue, but nothing happened. I tried startx from
cygwin basic terminal. Nothing. After some Google archaeology, I found
someone that had done this:

cd \cygwin\bin
PATH=. rebaseall -v

at the DOS command. Good. It worked. Running startx at the cygwin
command did start a twm session. But how the KDE would run, I couldn't
figure out from any amount of documentation or Googling. After some
more Googling, I saw a reference to an Openbox. Guessing along, I got
startx /usr/bin/openbox to give me Openbox. My problem is that I
cannot minimize anything because it goes down below and out of sight.
The XWin container window is sized on start up to my right computer
screen, but when I drag it over to my larger left screen, it can't be
resized. I suspect Openbox has a default size larger (lower?) and down
in the hidden part is no doubt either a task bar with the minimized
apps or the minimized apps themselves, right? Alt-Tab only cycles the
Win7 apps, not the XWin session apps, BTW.

Actually, I don't need the startx version, I could very well use the
startxwin multi-windows version IF I could get Emacs in shell mode to
do cygwin bash. Starting the X server and then Emacs multi-windows
style gets a shell mode that apparently doesn't see cygwin. I'm
guessing it's using the DOS command.

How can I a) get at the minimized apps? or b) how can I get a
stand-alone X server-run Emacs to see cygwin bash?

Olwe Bottorff
Grand Marais, MN

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