Bug or WAD? Midnight Commander F10 different in xterm than native or rxvt

Peter Farley pjfarley3@yahoo.com
Sun Jul 11 04:57:00 GMT 2010

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> Subject: Re: Bug or WAD? Midnight Commander F10 different in xterm than native or rxvt
> Sorry, I don't know anything about MC really but isn't
> there some doc on it that describes what F10 is supposed to do?

Yes, there is, from the "info mc" pages:

"       Quit (F10, Shift-F10)

       Terminate the Midnight Commander.  Shift-F10 is used when you want to quit and you are using the shell wrapper.  Shift-F10 will not take you to the last directory you visited with the Midnight Commander,  instead it will stay at the directory where you started the Midnight Commander."

I am not using the "wrapper" shell script, as far as I can tell (but I'm still looking hard to see if I am wrong about that).  Simple F10 in an xterm though *always* exits to the original directory.  "Shift-F10" has no effect at all inside of MC from an xterm in the testing I have done (nor do Ctrl-F10 or Alt-F10).  I guess it's *possible* that there is a bug that makes MC *think* it sees "shift-F10" when only simple "F10" was pressed, but that remains to be proven.

I will have to run a debugging version of MC with gdb to see the difference between xterm and non-xterm behavior.  I will report back when I have done that experiment.

It might be a while, but I will report back.

Thanks for your help and advice.



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