Mouse right-click doesn't work when working with exported windows

Daniel Olops
Fri Jan 22 16:40:00 GMT 2010

Hello all,

I'm facing a strange problem here, hope that someone could help. When
I start Cygwin/X and open a graphical application such as "nedit", I
can right-click and get the proper context menus, regardless of the
Num-lock state. But when I log on to any of our servers via "ssh -X"
or rlogin from within xterm and I start any graphical app (exporting
the window to my desktop), the behaviour is as follows:
- With Num-lock on, right-clicking does nothing. No context menu appears;
- With Num-lock off, the cursor flips (it points to the right instead
of the left), and then both the mouse and the keyboard stops
responding, even on xterm. I'm forced to shut down the Cygwin/X

As I said, this error only occurs when working with exported windows
of any application, regardless of the server (tried with both Red Hat
EL5 and HP-UX 11.* ones). My desktop is Windows XP Pro SP3, and I'm
using the latest version of Cygwin. Attached is the output of cygcheck
and from the XWin log. I used the xev utility to check if there are
differences on the output when clicking on a local window and a remote
one: no difference perceived.

Curiously, I can work properly when using Cygwin 1.5.x, as it's
already installed on some machines, but I couldn't get it to work
using the setup-legacy.exe. It installs but no command is recognized
(maybe something related to path setting, but I'll research more and
post on the proper list if necessary).

Any clues on how to solve it?


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