1.7.1: no xdmcp login prompt after upgrade

Paxton, Michael mpaxton@isp.IN.gov
Thu Jan 21 17:53:00 GMT 2010


As I noted in my problem, the iptrace ran on the remote host and
therefore is from the perspective of the remote. Nonetheless, each
packet in the trace report displays both the source and destination IP
addresses and TCP/UDP ports. You correctly observe that you are getting
farther than I, in that I never receive the logon prompt.

By the way, although my iptrace report is from an AIX remote host, I
have tested this against RHEL3 and OEL5 remote hosts with the same
results. Again, my Cygwin/X 1.5.25 client logs on and functions
correctly to all remote hosts.


D. Michael Paxton, Esq., MBA
FBI/CJIS Systems Agency Information Security Officer
Indiana State Police
(317) 232-5686

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Is your IPTRACE from the "remote" host's perspective, 
or from your cygwin-X perspective...???

I ask because I too am using 1.7.3 with "-query"  
and I'm having problems... but only after "successfully" logging
onto the remote system.  Meaning I'm getting further than you.

Here's my "startup" (note I'm using a fontserver on the XDM host):
   XWin -logverbose 255 \
        -ac \
        -query dmsdev.con-way.com \
75dpi/,/usr/share/fonts/Type1/\" "


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