xserver bug?

Sylvain RICHARD sylvainr@netcourrier.com
Wed Jan 20 09:14:00 GMT 2010

Charles Wilson wrote:
> I've noticed that with XWin 1.7.3 (and perhaps earlier versions; not
> sure), the key combination CTRL-SHIFT-0 (zero) doesn't generate any
> events.  CTRL-SHIFT-1 thru -9, alphabetic keys, no problem -- just not zero.
> Is this a bug, or a designed behavior, in XWin?
This may be designed behaviour /in windows/. Just out of curiosity, can 
you check your "language bar" options. If I remember correctly, you can 
set Ctrl+Shift global hotkeys there to shift between keyboard layouts 
and input languages.

Good luck,


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