Can't start X after upgrading to cygwin1.7

Andrew Senior
Tue Jan 19 04:27:00 GMT 2010

Getting the latest cygwin installer (2.677) didn't seem to help with
any of my problems.
Is there somewhere other than /var/log/Xwin.0.log that I can see some
logs for startxwin? I don't see any command line arguments for
startxwin that might give me verbose output.


On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 12:56 PM, Andrew Senior <> wrote:
> I've had cygwin installed for a year on my Thinkpad T61, running
> Windows XP professional, and just ran the latest setup.exe from
> At installation time there were some complaints about in use files,
> though I wasn't to my knowledge running any cygwin processes at the
> time.
> I now can't run X with startxwin.exe (no process appears, no icon in
> the system tray, clients won't start)
> It (and startx, xinit, Xwin :0)  gives me no logging on the console
> (an rxvt window).
> No /var/log/Xwin.0.log is written, nor anywhere else I can see in /var/log
> I've tried reinstalling all the X & base packages I can find, or
> uninstalling and reinstalling a few (including xinit and xorg-server).
> I've also rebooted several times since first trying this.
> The start menu icons give me no feedback either, except "idle" which
> says "Error: could not start C:\Cygwin\bin\idle -display
> running xterm, xeyes on the command line gives no error message either.
> Does anyone have any suggestions please?
> (One odd thing I notice with 1.7 is that when starting rxvt  -e
> /usr/bin/bash -login it puts me in /bin, whereas it used to put me in
> my home directory. ~ and $HOME both correctly resolve to c:/aws which
> is in fstab as /home/aws, as well as listed if I type "mount". This
> happened without running /bin/copy-user-registry-fstab, and that
> didn't put anything in /etc/fstab.d/.
> Another is that four packages are always scheduled to be installed (as
> New) in "partial" view of setup.exe : glib, gtk+, imlib, tetex, but
> never seem to be installed, nor are there any failure messages.)
> Thanks,
> Andrew
> I attach a cygcheck output, though I notice various things that look
> like errors in it:
> I was using as my mirror, but
> setup.exe complained it wasn't an official mirror, so the recent
> installation was from, and I tried pointing to
> more recently.
> Also, it complains that things are hidden in my path by directories,
> e.g. perl is hidden by a directory named perl. 'which perl' gives the
> location of the binary.

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