Questions regarding windows 7 installation

Jerry Lowry
Tue Jan 12 16:34:00 GMT 2010

thanks Jason,  I have already done that, but even after commenting out 
the exec xterm and running the xterm process from the drop down menu I 
get two X windows.  One that starts and stays blank and then the actual 
Xterm window which has a white background.

I don't mind running the Xterm automatically, it's the spurious cygwin 
windows that start and stay up.  Just clutters up the desktop and you 
can't tell which is the usable Xterm.


DePriest, Jason R. wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 6:32 PM, Jerry Lowry <> wrote:
>> I have installed Cygwin 1.7 twice on my windows 7 laptop.  Each time it
>> installs fine but when I try to run the X server it leaves three different X
>> windows open as well as an Xterm itself.  Is this the default behavior on
>> 1.7?  I really would like to get just the X icon in the task bar and nothing
>> else until I start an Xterm.  But even the Xterm opens two windows.
>> Anyone have any ideas as to the problem I am seeing?
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> Try modifying your /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc file
> I commented out the last line which had an 'exec xterm' in it and the
> xterm no longer runs automatically.
> -Jason
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