XDMCP connects successfully but "freezes" shortly thereafter - Was: What is replacement for the "-kb" Xwin startup parameter

Bennett, Tony Bennett.Tony@con-way.com
Mon Jan 11 20:30:00 GMT 2010

I thought I'd change the subject and describe the problem in a little better detail
and perhaps get a response...

Additional info:

-  On one PC, I have XWin release (20090222) installed and working 
-  That release uses the following command line:
        XWin -query my_AIX_SERVER_NAME  -ac -clipboard -kb -fp FOLLOWED-BY-A-FONT-PATH-TO-A-FONTSERVER
- On another PC, I have XWin Release (10703000) installed
- That release will NOT allow me to use the "-kb" argument, so I have eliminated the "-kb"
  Here is the behavior I get with

	- Window opens up... the CDE "logon" window from the AIX_SERVER comes up
	- I can successfully "logon" to the CDE "logon" window
	- On the CDE Desktop (on my AIX 5.3 system), I can "right-click" to get up the "root menu", 
	  and select an option that opens up an SSH aixterm window (an AIX version of xterm)
	- I can successfully sign-on to that aixterm window
	- I can successfully run commands on that window
	- BUT as soon as I click on anything other that the aixterm window everything "freezes"...
	- I have to "exit" by clicking the "x" in the upper right corner of the root window
	  or right click on the X entry in the task-bar and select "close"
	- The XWin.0.log gives no clues to the problem
	- The CDE "startlog" only contains this:
		Mon Jan 11 11:13:19 2010
		dtsession: Screen lock when the screen saver is turned on is not available on this server.  
		Your screen will not be locked when the screen saver is turned on.

		Mon Jan 11 11:15:51 2010
		dtsession: Connection to server lost - exiting.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, since I can no longer use XWin...
...and am forced to use "putty"...


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Subject: What is replacement for the "-kb" Xwin startup parameter

I a using Xwin to connect to an AIX system using XDMCP.

This was working fine on an old version of Xwin, 
As long as I used the "-kb" command line argument 
(there was an old post in the FAQ, suggesting that parameter
As the workaround for AIX not handling "keyboard extensions").

I just downloaded on another Win-XP system, and discovered
That -kb is no longer supported.  Without that argument, I am able 
To successfully connect using XDMCP, but after opening my 2nd 
Xterm, the window "freezes" up... neither mouse or keyboard 
Seems to function with it (which was the same symptom I had on 
The old version prior to adding the "-kb" startup parm.

Suggestions are welcome.


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