Alt key not recognized as Meta in xterm

Andy Koppe
Fri Jan 1 18:49:00 GMT 2010

2010/1/1 Thomas Dickey:
> Is Cygwin also specifying a meta key?
> (some people equate meta==alt, though they're not necessarily the same)

I don't know whether there's ever been an official policy decision on
that, but I think the general assumption among Cygwin users is that
Alt==Meta, since of course PC keyboards don't have a Meta key yet lots
of programs expect one.

I realise that in X it is possible to map a different key to Meta, but
the altIsNotMeta setting is off by default in Cygwin's xterm. Also,
the Cygwin console, rxvt, and mintty (via PuTTY) assume that Alt is
Meta (and they all encode it as Escape by default).


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