[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xinit-1.2.0-2

Frédéric Bron frederic.bron@m4x.org
Fri Jan 1 16:25:00 GMT 2010

>> I used to add the following option to XWin command because my screen
>> resolution is now always recognized automatically: -screen 0 1920x1200
>> How can I do the same using .startxwinrc?
> From the announcment:
> "startxwin also accepts command line arguments to use a different DISPLAY
> number and add additional options to pass to the server.  Please read the
> startxwin(1) manpage, which describes both the command-line arguments
> accepted by startxwin and the format of the $HOME/.startxwinrc file."

I have read that but it was not clear to me. I suspect that I should
write "--" before the "-screen" option? Is that true?


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