xterm not working

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Mon Nov 30 13:45:00 GMT 2009

Thomas Dickey wrote:
> On Mon, 30 Nov 2009, Andy Koppe wrote:
>> The latest termcap, which was automatically generated from terminfo,
>> has entries longer than 1K in it.
> ok... (I thought cygwin was using GNU termcap, which supposedly works
> with longer entries - though I recall _that_ being fixed more than once).

Red herring.  The problem IS with the latest /etc/termcap, but it isn't
an "entry too long" problem.  It is an "entries contain multiple :tc="
options problem. This can be fixed by generating /etc/termcap using
tic's '-r' option.  Look for a new /etc/termcap soon.

It'd be nice if xterm didn't coredump, but I suspect the coredump
actually occurs inside code from the (obsoleted on cygwin) libtermcap.a
-- so there's nothing to fix, except to recompile xterm on cygwin to not
use libtermcap and instead use libncurses.

Which is exactly what Yaakov has already done, for cygwin-1.7 only.


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