xterm doesn't open on start (was: checkX problems)

Lothar Brendel lottas.junk@geekmail.de
Fri Nov 27 21:57:00 GMT 2009

Timares, Brian (Patriot) wrote:
> Lothar Brendel wrote:


>> My guess: It's the old checkX-problem again because you're using
>> version
>> 0.3.0-1 of the run2-package. Do to some reason unknown to me, that's
>> the default version. But we need 0.3.1-1, which you only get when
>> explicitely (triple-)clicking its circular double-arrow (how's that
>> thingy called BTW?) in the Utils category.
> Tried it, including changing XWin Server to
> C:\cygwin\bin\run2.exe /usr/bin/startxwin.bat

That was a misunderstanding. I didn't mean to use ``run2'' instead of 
``run'' but to verify that the version of the *package* 'run2' (containing 
``checkX'') is the most recent one. Did you do that?


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