vnc btter than X...?

Michael Breuer
Tue Nov 24 03:05:00 GMT 2009

I guess I wasn't clear. I was running VNC in a remote X session. Proper 
would be to run a VNC client vs. an Xserver.

Default behavior for Fedora's Virtual Manager (KVM, Xen, Qemu) is to 
bring up the virtual system using VNC. VNC is a better solution for a 
virtual system console.
Linda Walsh wrote:
> Michael Breuer wrote:
>> That was probably pushing things anyway as the proper way is to run 
>> VNC remotely, not in a remote X session... but I figured I'd try to 
>> break it.
> ---
>     Why is VNC more proper than X?  I haven't been able to get
> VNC to work, but X runs wonderfully.  What am I missing?  :-)
> If it's really an improvement, I might spend some more time trying
> to get it to work...
>     FYI, I'm connecting over an internal 1Gb ethernet with no need
> for encryption (it's an isolated, internal subnet).  So would vnc
> any advantage?
>     Sorta tangential to the original discussion, but thought
> I'd ask...
> thanks,
> linda
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