vnc btter than X...?

Linda Walsh
Tue Nov 24 00:06:00 GMT 2009

Michael Breuer wrote:
> That was probably 
> pushing things anyway as the proper way is to run VNC remotely, not in a 
> remote X session... but I figured I'd try to break it.
	Why is VNC more proper than X?  I haven't been able to get
VNC to work, but X runs wonderfully.  What am I missing?  :-)
If it's really an improvement, I might spend some more time trying
to get it to work...

	FYI, I'm connecting over an internal 1Gb ethernet with no need
for encryption (it's an isolated, internal subnet).  So would vnc
any advantage?

	Sorta tangential to the original discussion, but thought
I'd ask...


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