cygwinx 1.7 beta - crashes runing virt-manager

Sun Nov 22 14:42:00 GMT 2009

On 20/11/2009 04:04, Michael Breuer wrote:
> Connecting to F12 running Gnome, running python based applications
> causes Xwin to segfault. For example, running virt-manager kills Xwin
> immediately. Most of the F12 admin tools exhibit this behavior. I tried
> -swcursor based on some old discussions on this list regarding Java
> crashing Xwin (from 2007). Doesn't help now :(
> Anyone have suggestions?

I can't even use XDMCP to log-in to Fedora 12 (Constantine), due to random 
segfaults :-(

These seem to be due to a bad interaction between the damage tracking for the 
Composite extension and damage tracking for the shadow framebuffer.

So can you try disabling the composite extension with '-extension Composite'? 
(note the captialization)

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